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Very nice game!! 
The opening text on the loading screen doesn't right on the CoCo3 FPGA. The author of the CoCo3 core wanted to know if it's GIME Text Mode?  

"It must be a GIME text mode I "forgot" to "fully support". Maybe someone can ask Chetmeister what mode that is so I can fix it. Thanks."

Digger III Played on the MiSTer FPGA COCo3 core.

Thank you. :)

Indeed it's a rarely used mode cuz I'm a rare kinda guy! 32x16 attributed. 

LOL, thank you for the quick reply. I'll pass the info on to Roger. 

Thanks!! :)

Great game and love the parallax scrolling.  This really shows of the power of the Tandy Radio Shack Color Computer 3's GIME as well as the 68B09E CPU and the programmers skill with this hardware.

Great job!