A downloadable Digger III

The long awaited follow-up to Digger II and the Gold Runner 2000 Challenge, Digger III is an arcade style platformer with high resolution graphics, smooth detailed animation, and over 30 levels of exciting action packed game play. With the release of Digger III, HyperTech Gaming continues the legacy of Hyper-Tech Software originally formed by Eric Crichlow, Mike Haaland, and Chet Simpson to bring high quality software to the Color Computer and beyond.

Run, Climb, Fall, Dig, and Escape!

Take on the role of the man known only as The Saint as you infiltrate the hidden underground lair of the Gomer Clan to take back what is rightfully yours. Snatch back gold, jewelry, and other treasures while avoiding the Gomers as they patrol the caverns protecting their booty. Avoid bubbling lava, radioactive monsters, rabid bats, and deadly traps while digging holes to trap and kill Gomers. Collect all the treasure in each cavern to advance to the next level and pray you reach the exit to the surface.


Tandy Color Computer III with 512k.
Joystick optional but recommended.

Updated 23 days ago
Release date 39 days ago
AuthorHyperTech Gaming
GenrePlatformer, Action
Made withTiled, GIMP
Tags8-Bit, Retro, Singleplayer, tandy-color-computer-3
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any), Joystick

Install instructions

Download the disk images and refer to the manual of your favorite disk imaging or emulator software.


Digger III for RGB Displays 180 kB
Digger III for Televisions and Composite Displays 180 kB
Digger III Manual (PDF) 97 kB


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Very nice game!! 
The opening text on the loading screen doesn't right on the CoCo3 FPGA. The author of the CoCo3 core wanted to know if it's GIME Text Mode?  

"It must be a GIME text mode I "forgot" to "fully support". Maybe someone can ask Chetmeister what mode that is so I can fix it. Thanks."

Digger III Played on the MiSTer FPGA COCo3 core.

Thank you. :)

Indeed it's a rarely used mode cuz I'm a rare kinda guy! 32x16 attributed. 

LOL, thank you for the quick reply. I'll pass the info on to Roger. 

Thanks!! :)

Great game and love the parallax scrolling.  This really shows of the power of the Tandy Radio Shack Color Computer 3's GIME as well as the 68B09E CPU and the programmers skill with this hardware.

Great job!